Monday, January 11, 2016

Moments That Come Together Perfectly

After sixteen hours of flying time and very little sleep, after eating curry at noon in Amsterdam when it was 2:30 a.m back home, we finally arrived at our hotel for the night. Exhausted and hungry. We all seemed to endure until dinner time, and then my plan was to head back to the room, take a hot, hot shower, put on my new red Christmas jammies, and fall into a deep sleep. As I walked out of the dining room, I heard someone say, "You can see the parthenon!"

 The group grew from a few to many. We hauled up seven flights of stairs, through a corridor and into a closet stacked with old furniture. Through a dirty window,  students and a teacher got their first glimpse of ancient Greece.

The Acropolis beamed its light, its majesty, its almost incomprehensible history to a handful of teenagers from America. Ms. U asked, "What war was the parthenon built after?"

"The last Persian War."

Another student, "I can see Pericles giving his speech to the Athenians."

I waited my turn to maneuver through the tables stacked on top of each other. We couldn't believe there wasn't a patio, or at least big picture windows to view and gasp at the passage and preservation of time.

The next morning at 3:00 a.m., when I awoke and couldn't fall back to sleep for two hours and couldn't turn on the light because my roommate was asleep, all I could do was think. I realized the encounter between teacher, knowledge, and experience, had come together in one magical moment. My eyes filled with tears--for being a part of that moment.