Thursday, January 28, 2016

Love At the Trevi

Why do happily married older women want their young single friends to find love too?

Trevi Fountain. The legend says if a visitor tosses a coin into the fountain, then he or she will return to Rome. Thirty-five years ago, I tossed a coin into the Trevi, and I have returned, therefore the legend must be true. With my faith riding high in legends, I decide to create my own legend for happily single, Ms. Laura.

"They say if you toss a coin over your shoulder and into Trevi Fountain while making a wish, the wish will come true," I tell her with a teasing smile, "Are you game?"

Ms. Laura is one of the most "game" people I know. She has known meddling women like me for years and so she smiles, giggles even, and gets ready to toss her coin. Since I'm determined to shake up her electromagnetic energy field with the magic of Trevi Fountain, we even document the moment with a measure of fanfare.

"Well, how do you feel?" I ask after she's tossed her coin

Ms. Laura doesn't feel any different. Yet.

But the next night, a man on a moped tries to entice her for a drink. Ms. Laura, a very smart woman with three college degrees in Political Science, Latin, and Dairy Science, doesn't fall for the old Italian on a moped invitation. In my opinion, she's waiting for something better, and it will come to pass since making a wish at Trevi Fountain.

It was 19 BC in the time of Agrippa the Emperor, that the source of pure water was found, and of course it was found by a virgin diviner. Such auspicious beginnings! It wasn't until 1732 that Pope Clement XII commissioned the building of Trevi Fountain, the largest and most stunning fountain in Rome. It took 30 years to complete and it is a Baroque masterpiece carved of mostly travertine and Carrara marble. The God of Ocean, Abundance and Health oversee the masterpiece fountain,  the pure water, the 3000 euro in coins it collects each day, and the tourists who throng the square for a little wishing magic.

Just the sound of so many gallons of water spilling off the marble and recirculating for another ride, infuses our souls with joy. I feel energetic, loving, and certain Ms. Laura's dreams will come true. But then again, I will never know what she actually wished for--perhaps she wished that women like myself would stop insisting that love is the remedy.

So why do us married older women hope for love for our single friends?  Perhaps one day, Ms. Laura will answer the question herself.

 The beloved, mysterious, and beautiful Ms. Laura at Trevi

Writing our wishes at a Trevi Fountain gelato shop over hot chocolate. Notice the wall above the bar--written wishes.