Friday, January 15, 2016

Critical Writing

I'm thinking about the honey I purchased from the nuns at Santa Barbara. As a beekeeper, I'm more interested in other people's honey, more especially the variety in taste which depends on the kind of pollen the bees collect. What kind of plants, or flowers do they collect from? 

If I love to cook, I would enjoy other's cooking even more. 

If I love to sew, I would appreciate the work of other sewers even more.

If I play an instrument, I would probably enjoy the symphony.

I turn to Spencer, a student, and say, "If we are writers, we enjoy other people's writings, right?"

Spencer agrees. He explains how he has become a diligent writer and in the process has started reading again. He enjoys reading for pleasure now.

The link between writing and reading is greater than I previously realized. Writing is more important than even I realized.

My passion to share my love of writing increases ten fold.

The discoveries continue and the discoveries fuel my love.