Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Who We Are

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." Joseph Campbell

I've been thinking that life is too short, and it is, but this lack of time that sometimes makes me panic, pits me against an imaginary clock I have to beat, that I can never beat. It also pits me against myself.

Believing, even internalizing that my lifetime privilege is being who I am, changes all this. Foremost, a lifetime, is a privilege.  I am thankful everyday for all aspects of the life cycle that help me become: youth, middle age, healthy, and even unhealthy. They are each like spokes of a wheel, each spoke necessary to help the life wheel turn.

 It's ever so exciting that I get to be who I am. Which naturally brings to question, Who am I? Is it definitive, or do I play a part in molding this character called me?

I'm a believer in molding. In essence, I'm a hunk of clay with certain DNA, certain tendencies, but with the power to shape that hunk.

Exciting. What we become is determined how we spend our time, what we create, what we think, who we listen to. Who we don't listen to, and how we love and give to others.

With each experience, with each choice, I discover who I am, I become who I am. Now here's the tricky part. I believe I already am. I already have a destination or a pinnacle to reach. Living is finding our path, our dharma, or who we are. That is why some endeavors bring joy and others bring emptiness. That is why, when we mistreat or demean others, we are not becoming who we are. There exists within us a course correction that goes off like a fire alarm--unless we don't listen and the battery runs out, and the alarm dies.  Because we are light and love, because we are created in the image of Heavenly Beings--this is exactly why the privilege of a lifetime is becoming who we are. Who we already are.