Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Getaway

I love it! It's a lazy, summer afternoon, and I decide to see a chick flick--the deliciousness of all by myself. This is still an indulgence.

The show starts at 1:55 p.m. and I wonder who else will be at the film interpretation of Thomas Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd. Will audience members be the literary type? All women? Yes, I suspect, the audience will be made of women, unless someone has dragged a husband along.

I walk into the darkened theater and just as I suspected: two separate women sitting all by themselves. I assume they are just like me--they snuck away, they value a date with themselves, they enjoy being, if just for a minute, all by themselves. Did they escape a house full of children, a busy office, or did they take advantage of some free time? Peace and comfort, at a matinee love story. With just the three of us, I can pick my own ten rows--away from the maddening crowd.

I once heard a woman who had several siblings describe what it was like growing up in her home. Her mother was a dedicated homemaker to eight children. She also had a dedicated father who recognized that his wife needed regular breaks. So every Saturday, Mom would pack up and take the day off to enrich her mind, her life, to refill her bucket, so she could cope the other six days of the week with never ending laundry, meals, car pools, homework...

All those years, this woman with seven siblings, imagined that on her mother's day off, her mother would spend the hours in museums studying great art, or reading volumes in the library's special collections, or attending lectures by dignitaries in the Arts and Sciences.

But it was never so. The day came when she discovered that her refined, learned, mother, spent her days off by driving up the canyon to sleep.

Disappointed she was, until she had her own children.

Ah, the indulgence of a getaway.

For $5.50, popcorn excluded, and only a short drive away, I can spend the afternoon in 1870's Scotland with a daring woman, bravely running her own farm, pursued by three dashing, devoted suitors including the quintessential evil one. I can laugh and cry, in private, in company with two other women seeking the same afternoon. A getaway package we can't afford to miss.