Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The End Is Only The Beginning

Thanks to father of the groom Scott Lazerson for this photo

The bride and groom, surrounded by a blaze of sparklers, departed Hidden Falls Garden, and oh so movie-like, climbed into a black 1970's-ish Mercedes Benz. He looked like James Bond and she, like his beautiful, crime solving, side kick. 

As the groom shifted into Drive, the gears grind-ed ever so slightly. So appropriate, because marriage too, is a shift,  in need of a little adjustment here, there and everywhere: the I'm sorry, the No, I'll change my schedule, the Let me help you, the What do you need? And the always appreciated, I'll do the dishes while you study, or I'll do the laundry. The real stuff that follows, the unglamorous stuff we'll never see in a James Bond movie, but the action that truly bonds a marriage.