Thursday, July 16, 2015

If Only...

I awoke today with an extraordinary desire to do nothing.

Let me back up a little.

1.Tuesday's hike was an unexpected five hours-at least two thirds of the effort was an uphill climb.

Ahhhhh...but the flora and fauna on the way up. The view at the top. The wind--to be the first people it touched. The taste of cherries at the highest peak for miles and miles; the satisfaction of knowing we'd hiked almost eight miles on a beautiful summer morning.

2. Wednesday's birthday party was an all day event. It started with an early morning visit to the grocery store, followed by an entire day of food prep and follow thru--and the rest of the day was spent catering to birthday husband's birthday needs.

Ahhhh...but Tony was happy. The guests ate well. I watched for those who scooped up seconds. The babies were sweet; the honeymooners still joyful; the conversation was fun. The pool was warm-future son-in-law's attack giggles were memorable--the association was .......heavenly.

Hopefully it's more clear why today, I have an extraordinary desire to do nothing.

3. But the doorbell rang at 8:00 a.m.--soft water service men.
                        We need soft water.
4. Literary Society gathering tonight which requires a half hour drive each way.
                         I need the association of women and books.
5. I have a mini classroom grant, long overdue, I must finish today.
                         The benefit of an in-class document camera would be amazing.
6. I have an essay deadline at 3:00 p.m. today.
                         I love the joy and satisfaction from a finished piece.

Today's escape from my lethargic body and mind will find its fuel from past experiences of success and future hope if I just persist. But to rely on myself is not enough, and fortunately, I came across a list of quotes I had recorded for a day such as this.

Ordinary people who consistently and diligently do simple things will produce extraordinary results. Elder Bernard

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extra ordinary destiny. CS Lewis

When I graduated from high school I couldn't go to college so I went to the library three days a week for ten years.  Ray Bradbury

If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for all your troubles, you couldn't sit for a month. Theodore Roosevelt

If you are on the right path it will always be uphill.

Alas, I am fortunate to be on the right path according to the unknown voice of the above wise words. So tomorrow I will awake early,  drive to an out of state wedding, and the next week will involve all the work, joy, preparation for the next wedding, but on the Tuesday following, when the last guest leaves, I will quietly board a plane and take a well deserved rest where I'm sure I will awake the next morning with an extraordinary desire to do nothing, and I will fulfill that desire. But not for long.

Gratitude is the other motivator to keep going. As I write this lament, I become keenly aware of the falseness of my hardships.
I'm not standing on my feet all day in a job I can't lose because I support my family.
I'm thankful for the two legs, the body, the health that allow me to hike five hours.
My service is for a healthy husband on a joyous occasion.
I do get a rest and the rest is not from living in war, in a refugee camp, in a homeless shelter.
And finally, the desire to do nothing, worn out mind and body, is from joyful life activity, not from devastating, real hardship.