Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Made A Remarkable Discovery

My colleague, with whom I am teaching a three-week writing class, is accomplished lovely and thin. I am accomplished, lovely and not thin.

She told me when she writes, when she gets stuck on a piece of writing,  she will hop on the elliptical in her study/writing room and go for however long it takes.

When I get stuck, I go to the kitchen for a snack.

Alarm Bells Rang. Yes. I heard them.

I also realized that when my sister calls and we have to discuss difficult things (our aging parents), I also head for the kitchen for a snack.

I have a beautiful, newly organized writing room and there is no way I would put in a large and ugly elliptical. So, today when my sister called, I walked up and down the stairs. When I needed a writing break, I brought up the 8-lb weights, curling my biceps the whole way.

And, I'm thinking of adding a ballet barre.