Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

New York SCBWI

Brought my latest work for the roundtable intensives.
Two full days of learning, learning learning.
I love it here and made two important contacts.

One of the highlights was a surprise visit from Henry Winkler, actor and author. Sometimes it is just the best to laugh. Winkler is hysterical and loves to write. He was probably the most inspiring speaker. The son of German immigrants who once called him dumahound. My father would know how to spell it but not me. In essence, the translation is "dumbdog." Winkler, I believe, was serious. So here is a man filled with doubt who came to infuse with hope.

Chris Cutcher spoke. Inspiring. He shared several writing stories and his reasons for not censoring the nitty gritty rough episodes of life. He shared several personal anecdotes that were truly funny and truly heartbreaking.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Fierce Green Fire

The documentary we saw last night was ten years in the making. It was a thorough, selective look at the last 50 years and the environmental changes, catastrophes, successes of the earth. Love Canal, Greenpeace, Chico Mendez...It was an excellent piece of work--yet, it wasn't as enjoyable because it was nothing new.

I'm taking this idea and applying it to the groundbreaking books that happen to have an original premise.

I have no interest in vampire, paranormal and now dystopian novels. Too many. Overdone. No matter how good they are, they will not have the same possibilities because they're nothing new.

Here's to originality. And the idea that my work in progress is a NEW idea.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Second Night at Sundance Festival

We love the creative, artsy, atmosphere of the Sundance film festival. Sometimes at the beginning of the film, or more often at the end, the director will answer questions. It's always a great moment to hear the creative talent, trials, patience and perseverence that goes into making a film.
Jillian and I had a phenomenal experience at our second film.
We saw WEst Memphis Three, a story about three convicted men, serving time for the murder of three eight year old boys.
The movie was crafted so well, that the beginning of the film, we see the prosecution's side and all the evidence that put the young men in jail. As an audience observer, it's clear that they are guilty of the murders, but as the film progresses, we're given piece by piece of information that puts their guilt in doubt. By the end of the film, it's more than likely that they are innocent and recent DNA evidence points to another suspect.
The film ends. I still wonder who's guilty. The director comes to the front, then invites Damien Echols up to the stage--the teenager convicted 18 years ago who has spent half his life in jail. For over two hours, you spend time in judgment in this man and there he stands before us.
Profound moment.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Writing group partner has had at least 2 full requests for her novel. It is so exciting to see the process of success. In at least one case, the agent adores the manuscript and this is just how it's supposed to be--like falling in love. I hope I can post her novel release date real soon. L'chaim!