Friday, November 25, 2011

Clean Teen

I learned a few weekends ago that there is a new emerging category: clean teen. Editors and agents ask about it and have recognized the demand. I only put clean teen on my school bookshelves. I even wish it was a label that went on all YA that fits this category. I wouldn't want it to be its own genre, just a label that fit books that weren't riddled with intimacy and perversion.

Hooray for those who are asking for it! Hooray for those who are writing it!

WIP at 29, 864 words!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Newest WIP Rambling

I was able to knock off 3,000 words today bringing the newest story from apprx. 22,000 words to 24, 917 words.
I've read in several places that your first three novels will be unpublishable. This is my fourth! This is the one!!!
Tenacity, audacity and persistence! If only publication was guaranteed by these three requirements--but they are the precursers to luck! And every published book needs luck. Hard work and luck=success.

Catching A Glimpse of Editor Coma

I'm glimpsing over my notes from SCBWI LA and I noticed something that I think is new. The advantage of sitting at a round table or in a class with people reading portions of their manuscript is that you realize how many, certainly the majority of manuscripts all sound the same. It is apparent why some work gets noticed immediately and that the freshness, the newness would make an editor jump out of his/her seat.
This is what I wrote exactly in my notes: Probably the best thing I’m taking away is what an editor has to sit through. I was dying when I kept hearing the same old voice. I undersatnad when someone or something
jumps off the page.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Laurie H Anderson on Character

Characters have 3 levels
a. Outer-stuff obvious to reader, physical description, physicality, hobbies, do they read? Cd player, know more than we put in story. Give character something quirkly, every choice tells us more about the character, favorite book, each choice tell us more
b. Inner character, dreams, desire, what do they like?
c. Deep secrets-know more about the character than they know, greatest fear, desire, what was the most embarrassing moment of their life-ask what would I do to avoid that situation again.
d. Have character avoid embarrassment-character must come face to face with their scene.
e. What does your character want to avoid at all costs-bring it on.