Friday, June 11, 2010

Ode to Procrastination or a Pathetic Examination of the Self In Ideal WRiting Circumstances

This is in response to my friend and writing blog colleague about what to do when we get stuck writing. Here goes. True to the title--IT's quite pathetic.

I'm all alone, sequestered for five days at the beach. Alone. My laptop, a dozen resources and an amazing time to kick off at least one novel. Do you think?

I start the day with a beach walk, a little surf kayaking, a ride around the island, ( twice a day) a visit to the library, watching tv all night the first night, a promise never to do that again, renting a movie the next night, connecting with old friends via the internet, planning party for friend in LA, taking two naps a day, get the picture?

A one time attempt to write and....I don't know.

Before this incriminating examination, I had planned to comment in Shelley's post all my suggestions for writing inspiration, and then I realized none of it worked. And it boils down to discipline. Yep. Good old fashioned discipline. Thank-you my friends for the medium to discover my own weakness. So I have 24 hours before I'm leaving on a jet have inspired me to use discipline. Thank-you, thank-you. I will report --no I'll be at girls' camp next week--I will report on Saturday-or maybe before girls' camp my effort at teaching this old dog new tricks.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

When You Can't Wait To Get Home To Write

Last night, I was at a very fun event. But I couldn't wait to get home to write.
Writing is an amazing form of expression and communication.
I'm preparing a manuscript for submission to the LA SCBWI conference.
You know how you feel when you having a magnificent secret or when you've put something away for yourself to savor when you have a minute? A giant chocolate bar, the last piece of cake, a movie you want to watch all by yourself, the last chapter of a novel? This is how I feel about this conference. Four days at the Hyatt by myself to learn as much as I can about writing. Dinner with my best HS friend. It is an absolute indulgence. And so is writing.