Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Clear Memory

Tonight, while Tony and I were changing/preparing to go out for dinner and the basketball game, PJ came in and sat on our bed. She's fifteen and a half now, and I don't think she's come in and sat on our bed like that since she was a little girl.

It took me back to memories of sitting in my dad's and mom's room while they got ready to go out for the night. I'm not sure it was the anticipation and excitement of having them gone for the evening or the magic that happens when mom transforms from a mom to a woman who goes out for fun. A woman with a different life. Mom would put on make-up and a fur trimmed outfit and high-heeled, even slingback shoes. Dad put on a tie, some cologne and re-combed his hair.

Even as kids, we pause for the ritual or maybe we're drawn into our parent's subtle anticipation. It's just a memory that is so clear and dear-from two angles.